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How Do I Start A Contest?

Creating a contest is as easy as filling out our questionnaire. We cover everything you need to start an amazing contest! You can define every part of your contest from the type, the category, the entry settings, prizes, and more! You can start creating your very own contest now by clicking right here!

We walk you through everything you need for your contest with simple questions to help you get going. While starting a basic contest is absolutely free, there are options that you can select that will add a price to your contest, such as offering a guaranteed cash prize, featuring your contest, or linking your contest to a mail account. A full breakdown of any expenses your contest incurs will be displayed before you are charged for anything, allowing you to make changes at any time before payment has been completed.

How Do I Enter A Contest?

First, you will need to select the contest that you want to enter. While featured contests are all on the main page, there are many contests that the contest holders have chosen not to feature. These can be found in category view. Simply select the category that best fits your skills to view all available contests for that genre from the top drop down menus.

Once you are in your desired category, you will see that there are featured contests at the top, then the list of all other contests for that group. Find a contest that interests you and click the contest icon.

You will then see the prize description, start and end times, and the submissions that have already been received. In order to submit your entry, the submissions must be open, and should show a green “Open” in the submission box. Then click the button that says “Enter Contest”.

This will bring up a box allowing you to upload a file, or type your response, based on the type of contest you are entering. Please make sure you complete all fields and select an approved file type. Then simply hit the big green button at the bottom of the box that says “Submit”.

You will get a file uploading message, and once your file has completed the upload, you will be taken to a page showing your submission.

How To Enter Contests
Contest Winners

How Do I Win A Contest?

You can’t win unless you enter!  Pick the contest you like, and submit your best entry. Contest holders pick winners after the contest entry period has ended.

How do I pay contest winners?

If you want to add a cash prize to your contest, this is done directly in the “Start A Contest” questionnaire.

You will be charged for prize funds and fees before your contest can go live. Once the winner(s) have been selected, you will need to login to your account and click the button “Release Funds” in order to send your cash prizes to the winners. If funds are not released by you within 30 days, they will automatically be sent to the winners.

You will first select to release the prize, then confirm in the popup box.

From there, you will be able to see that your prize has been released, and your winning entrant has been paid!

Win Cash & Prizes
Prize Payments By Paypal

How do I Get Paid For Winning Contests?

Once you have won, the contest holder has 30 days to release the prize winnings to you. You must provide the contest holder with the source files for your winning entry before prizes are released. If you do not provide source files for your winning entry within the 30 day period you forfeit your prize.