The Best Kind of Test?

Throughout life we are faced with all kinds of tests, but which one is the best? Let's take a look at some of the more (in)famous test types to see if we can solve the mystery! Spelling Test Not too bad, if you are good at spelling. If UR bad @ speeling, than mabey not so gr8t. Potential Side Effects: Bad Grades, Failing, Life as a Burger Flipper Blood Test Scary. Potentially life changing. Potential Side Effects: Learning you have a terrible disease. Or learning that you are a hypochondriac. IQ Test Again, great if you are a smartypants. Discouraging if not. Potential Side Effects: Brain being stolen for scientific research. Personality Test Fun and amusing for awhile. Unless it is one of those age tests. I do NOT look like I am 47!! Potential Side Effects: Discouragement, having to cope with your flaws. Drug Test Yikes! If you have to take one of these, let's hope you plan to pass it. Potential Side Effects: Losing job, losing hope... Contest Fun and exciting. Start your own, or enter others. Potential Side Effects: Having to find something to do with the cash you've won! And the verdict is in! The best  … Read more

5 Reasons Why Contesty Is Better Than Chocolate

1. No Fat, Calories, or Sugar! Starting a contest on is 100% free of fat, calories, cholesterol, and sugar. No High-Fructose Corn Syrup here! Instead, you can expect your contest to be chock full of super healthy stuff, like fun, excitement, laughter, anticipation, and good times! 2. Never Melts! There is no worse feeling than finding easter candy past the point of recognition in the backseat of your car. Who knew that something so delicious could turn into such a mess? Well, rest assured that your contest will never melt into an indistinguishable (not to mention reluctantly inedible) clump of brown grossness! In fact, we will send you reminders about your contest to let you know when different milestones are occurring- when the submission period ends, when voting begins, and when voting stops. That way, not only will it never melt into oblivion, but you will be reminded of it’s existence so you can take full advantage of everything it has to offer! 3. Always There When You Need It! Available any time, day or night! Late nights, all I want is a Snicker’s Bar. I really like Milky Way’s better, but feel like Snicker’s offer a better value. However,  … Read more

5 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Contest

How To Enter Contests We know you are excited to start your contest right away, and who can blame you? We certainly don’t! However, there are a few things you should think about before you hop in and start creating your contest. We want to help you create the best possible contest, that accomplishes the goals you have in mind for your contest! 1. What is your contest about? When you start your contest, one of the first items you will need to complete is your contest description. This tells entrants what you expect from their submissions. This should give clear expectations, as well as paint a picture for why someone would want to enter your contest. Elements may be things like type of submission, emotions you want the submission to express, any prizes offered, and any information you want to add about your organization or what the submissions may be used for. By clearly defining the purpose of your contest to your entrants, you are ensuring that the submissions you receive are suited to your needs. 2. What are your contest rules? You can also define your contest rules. This may include items such as the number of times entrants can submit, who  … Read more

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