Guaranteed Cash Prizes

How Will I Be Paid?

Once the winner selection period has ended, the winners will be notified via email. They will then have 30 days to upload source files and communicate with the Contest Holder to make sure that the Contest Holder has everything they need to use the winning creation.

Contesty Guaranteed Cash Prizes are paid via Paypal. The Contest Holder can release the prize funds at any time after the contest has ended. If the Contest Holder does not release the prize within 30 days, it will automatically be released by Contesty to the Prize Winners at the end of the 30 day period.

Prize Payments By Paypal
Win Cash & Prizes

Keep 100% Of Your Winnings!

With Contesty’s Guaranteed Cash Prizes, you get the full amount of your prize! All fees (excluding any state or federal taxes) are prepaid by the contest holder, so you get exactly what you expect. Guaranteed Cash Prizes are deposited with by the contest holder when the contest is created, and are guaranteed to be paid out to the contest winner(s) once they are selected, either through voting or through winner selection by the contest holder.