The Best Kind of Test?

Throughout life we are faced with all kinds of tests, but which one is the best? Let’s take a look at some of the more (in)famous test types to see if we can solve the mystery!

Spelling Test

Not too bad, if you are good at spelling. If UR bad @ speeling, than mabey not so gr8t.

Potential Side Effects: Bad Grades, Failing, Life as a Burger Flipper

Blood Test

Scary. Potentially life changing.

Potential Side Effects: Learning you have a terrible disease. Or learning that you are a hypochondriac.

IQ Test

Again, great if you are a smartypants. Discouraging if not.

Potential Side Effects: Brain being stolen for scientific research.

Personality Test

Fun and amusing for awhile. Unless it is one of those age tests. I do NOT look like I am 47!!

Potential Side Effects: Discouragement, having to cope with your flaws.

Drug Test

Yikes! If you have to take one of these, let’s hope you plan to pass it.

Potential Side Effects: Losing job, losing hope…


Fun and exciting. Start your own, or enter others.

Potential Side Effects: Having to find something to do with the cash you’ve won!

And the verdict is in!

The best type of test is… (insert drumroll here!)

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