5 Reasons Why Contesty Is Better Than Chocolate

1. No Fat, Calories, or Sugar! Starting a contest on Contesty.com is 100% free of fat, calories, cholesterol, and sugar. No High-Fructose Corn Syrup here! Instead, you can expect your contest to be chock full of super healthy stuff, like fun, excitement, laughter, anticipation, and good times!

2. Never Melts! There is no worse feeling than finding easter candy past the point of recognition in the backseat of your car. Who knew that something so delicious could turn into such a mess? Well, rest assured that your contest will never melt into an indistinguishable (not to mention reluctantly inedible) clump of brown grossness! In fact, we will send you reminders about your contest to let you know when different milestones are occurring- when the submission period ends, when voting begins, and when voting stops. That way, not only will it never melt into oblivion, but you will be reminded of it’s existence so you can take full advantage of everything it has to offer!

3. Always There When You Need It! Available any time, day or night! Late nights, all I want is a Snicker’s Bar. I really like Milky Way’s better, but feel like Snicker’s offer a better value. However, this is not something I keep around the house since I have a hard time understanding portion control (When it says suggested serving is 1, does that mean bar or box?) and would have to share with my spouse/offspring anyway. So rarely does the availability of chocolate coincide with my desire for it. But with Contesty.com, I can start a contest whenever I want! If I feel the need to begin a contest at 3am, I can do that, and schedule it to start at a reasonable time so that the rest of the world will have no idea that I am up in the middle of the night thinking about contests (and chocolate, of course)!

4. Easy to Share with Anybody! Ever ran out of chocolate while making S’mores? Marshmallows on dry graham crackers just aren’t the same experience. What about when someone hands you a box of chocolates and you feel like it would be unreasonable for you to slam the top on, scream “These are MINE NOW!” and jump through the nearest window to freedom, so you politely take a caramel one and pass the box to the next person? When you start a contest on Contesty.com, you can pick exactly who you share it with, how many times they can enter/vote, and more, without any worry that there won’t be enough to go around!

5. You Can Have it For Free! Somehow, although my paychecks stay the same, the price of chocolate seems to keep increasing! The candy bar I used to pay 50 cents for now runs me 78 cents, or even a dollar if I am in the wrong place at the wrong time! However, basic contests on Contesty.com are always Free! That means that even when I am down to my last quarter, I can start as many simple contests as I would like, and still have that quarter (because what am I going to do with just 1 quarter?). In fact, I can also enter most contests for free, and have the possibility to win a cash prize!

With no negative side effects, hidden ingredients, or disgusting messes, starting a contest could be one of the healthiest things you do today! Start your very own contest now, or enter/vote in some of the contests other’s have started!

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