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How Do I Start A Contest?

We want to give you full access to create all kinds of different contests, including photo, essay, video, audio, art, and more! Not only that, but you can choose what type of voting, and between free and paid voting and entry. There are plenty of options for you to customize a contest that is right for you, your business, and the type of entries you are hoping to attract.

How Do I Enter A Contest?

Pick ones that best fit your skills. If you are a writer, then essay contests would be the best place to start. Photographer or Graphic Designer? Check out our Image Contests! No matter what your talent is, there is a place for you on Contesty! Enter as many or as few contests as you would like, just make sure that all your entries are original content created by you for the specific contest, or something you have previously created but never before used on the web.

How To Enter Contests
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